Panel Decides On Sharing Of Electricity Staff—To Submit Report To Apex Court

Panel Decides On Sharing Of Electricity Staff—To Submit Report To Apex Court

Hyderabad, Dec.15 (Maxim News): The Supreme Court appointed one-man committee of Justice DM Dharmadhikari on Sunday gave its final order allocating 613 out of the 1157 employees to Andhra Pradesh State. The 613 employees with AP nativity are working in four power utility companies of Telangana.

The decision of the Committee will put an end to the uncertainty over sharing of power utilities employees’ between the two States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The order was the result of the final two-day sitting of the one man committee in which Telangana Genco Director (HR) S Ashok Kumar and AP Transco JMD KVN Chakradhar Babu took part. The one-man committee with the two-member subcommittee in its conclusion statement said today that a brief written submission was made on behalf of Telangana power utilities. “On behalf of the Telangana power utilities at the end of the proceedings, an offer has been made that out of 1157 allegedly ex-parte relieved employees, 613 have opted for Andhra Pradesh,” the order read.

Another direction given by the committee was with the regard to the 256 of employees who have opted for Telangana from AP. These employees are not out of the 1156 of the relieved employees. The offer made on behalf Telangana is that out of the 256 employees that have opted for Telangana, irrespective of their home district, Telangana state is willing to accommodate 50% of the 256 subject to condition that 613 out of the 1157 should be accommodated by AP.

“The present offer made was discussed with the subcommittee members of the Andhra Pradesh side, but it has not been accepted. The present committee therefore concludes its proceedings for final report,” the statement says. Justice Dharmadhikari made it clear he will be submitting the very order to the Apex court. (Maxim News)

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