Rythu Bandhu Provided to 1.48 Lakh Acres in State: Niranjan Reddy

The Telangana government has provided Rythu Bandhu to 1.48 lakh acres of agricultural land so far in the state. “Farmers have left their worries with the launch of Rythu Bandhu which formed as a great support for the agriculture sector.

There is no other government in the world which helped the farmers by launching such unique schemes,” agriculture minister Niranjan Reddy said. The minister added that the scheme was a great success in Telangana.

Rythu Bandhu was accorded to a total of 1,48,23,000 acres, benefitting around 62.99 lakh farmers. So far, Rs 7,411 crores were deposited in the bank accounts of farmers.

Among the districts, Nalgonda received the highest of Rs 601.74 crore benefiting 4,69,696 farmers while the lowest assistance Rs 33.65 crore was received by Medchal Malkajgiri district,” he said.

Further, the minister demanded centre to come up with a national police for the welfare of farmers. He said that the farmers are facing a lot of problems due to the shortage of farm labourers.

“The central government have to link NREGS with agriculture sector for the benefit of farmers and should also procure entire crop produce at MSP and demanded the implementation of Swaminathan committee,” he said.

The minister added that the centre should change its approach towards agriculture sector on which 60 percent population is dependent in the country, he said.

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