TRS MLA Urges Govt To Extend Pensions To Kidney Patients

Hyderabad, Sept.20 (Maxim News): TRS MLA Gongidi Sunitha on Friday got emotional while talking about patients suffering from kidney ailments.

During the question and answer session in the Assembly Sunitha raised the issue of the patients suffering from kidney problems and said her father had been a kidney patient since the last 14 years and had been undergoing dialysis treatment. She said the family suffered a lot financially due to expensive dialysis treatment.

The TRS MLA said there was urgent need for the State government to come to the rescue of the kidney patients as they had been financially broken. She urged the government to provide pension to the patients suffering from kidney ailments like the government has been providing pensions to AIDS, Thalassemea and other patients in the State. (Maxim News)

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