TRS Wins Major Seats In Local Body Polls, Cong Gets Second

Hyderabad, June 4 (Maxim News): The TRS is on winning streak in the local body polls announced on Tuesday. According to information the party wise results at 7.15 pm – the TRS won 437 ZPTC, 3556 MPTC, Congress 74, 1377, BJP 7, 211, TD 21 MPTC, Others 5 and 593 respectively.

However, the TRS has lost win the poll at Chinna Mulkanur village in Karimmagar district which was adopted by TRS Supremo and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Also the TRS candidate in Kavitha’s village Pothangal in Nizamabad district has lost the polls as the BJP’s Raju won the fray.

At around 4.30 pm the TRS won 231 ZPTCs, 3532 MPTCs while the Congress got 38, 1370, BJP 5, 208, TD got 0, 21 and others got 3 and 568 respectively.

The ZPTC and MPTC polls saw the TRS party winning majority of seats and the opposition Congress got about second position, the BJP third and TD four positions. The TRS earlier lost MP seats in the recent polls and won all three MLC seats. On Tuesday the ruling party won most of the local bodies and the congress managed to occupy second position.

The local body polls held across the state for 5857 MPTCs and 535 ZPTCs followed by reservations to the candidates on the basis of political parties.The polls held in three phases on May 6,10 and 14 respectively and the parties vied for winning majority of them. (Maxim News)

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