Biography Of NTR, A Comprehensive Life Story

You will be astonished to know challenges that legendary actor late NT Rama Rao had faced before he made a career in Telugu movie industry. The business venture he had floated to run his family and the low-profile jobs he had taken up all have made him a complete man in the later part of his life. Anything that common public knows about NTR is the fact that he had used to supply milk to households in Vijayawada during his initial days.

Pedalling a bicycle, NTR used to visit hotels and other business establishments supplying milk. Later, he reached Bombay (now Mumbai) and had run a mess dishing out mouth-watering Andhra recipes to people living in Mathunga, sub-urb for a brief time.

And the wholesale businesses he had undertaken include trading tobacco, bidis and cigarettes in Vijayawada. He worked as a court attendant for a monthly salary of Rs 64 for a few days and also ran a printing press. After he completed Bacherlor of Arts, NTR had a small stint working as sub-registrar in Revenue Department for just 11 days before entering the film industry. These were just a few unknown facts that a Telugu moviegoer and NTR fan should know. The newly-launched book, a comprehensive life story of NTR, has hit the markets. Comprising 624 pages, the biography has five parts and 107 chapters.

Giving a sneak peek into his formative years of struggle, the book throws light on NTR’s life, filmy career, high and lows, challenges and dark phase of his life.

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