CMO Complains To Hyderabad Police About Fake Audio Clip

Hyderabad, Oct.14 (Maxim News): The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on Monday said it has lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad Police Commissioner to investigate a fake audio clip that was purportedly a conversation between an individual and a staffer at the CMO.

In a release, the CMO said the fake audio clip was doing the rounds on social media platforms, was being used as a news clip on some television channels and was also reported in a section of the print media. The fake news relates to someone calling the CMO helpline and expressed his opinion on Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

The CMO said no such telephone conversation took place and that it had asked the city police to probe the matter and take action against the culprits who created the fake audio clip and circulated it. (Maxim News)

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