Films Are Not Charity Or NGO Says Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap believes filmmakers should not be expected to deliver a message through their movies. The director, whose upcoming film ‘Mukkabaaz’ promotes sports in its own way, said as a filmmaker his aim is never to address a social issue.

“Films are not supposed to give a message. A film is not a charity or an NGO. We have been making love stories since forever but people still don’t know how to love.

“Even if a film gives a message, people clap for a moment and then forget. As a filmmaker, I don’t believe in giving a message. The only time I gave a message in my film was in ‘Black Friday’,” Kashyap said in a group interview here. The director said ‘Mukkabaaz’ may be a pro-sports films, but it is not an “advertisement” for boxing.

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