Govt Receives 350 Complaints Against 170 Pvt. Hospitals

Hyderabad, June 23 (Maxim News): The State government has received a total of 350 complaints against 170 private hospitals of the state. This was revealed by the director of the Directorate of Public Health. (DPH) Dr. Srinivas Rao before the Telangana High Court.

In his report he also told the HC that the hand solved 30 complaints and forced the managements of various hospitals of the state to pay back Rs.72.20 lakh to Covid victims, who have paid excess amount to the hospitals. He said that they were taking steps to do justice to the Covid victims. Rao also said they were holding 1.17 lakh Covid tests in the state on an average and added that the Covid positively rate had come down by 1 percent in the state.

He also said that the vaccination process was going in an actor manner in the state and added that they had completed two doses of the vaccine on 28.76 lakh people of the state and added that 68.64 people of the state had taken the first dose so far. . He also said that 1.94 crore people of the state were yet to take the vaccine. Commenting my the vaccines to be received from the central government , he said that 10.76 lakh doses of the vaccines were expected by the 29th of this month. He said that they had completed the vaccination process in 23.11 lakh doses so far and added that they had also completed the vaccination process on 6874 students, who are gong to foreign countries. He said that they were taking steps to face the third wave of the virus and informed the court that out of the Total 27141 beds in government hospitals, 10224 were provided with the oxygen facility. He said that steps were afoot to equip the remaining 16914 beds with the oxygen facility.

He also told the HC that they had readied 6000 beds in Nilofer and other hospitals of the state for the children of the state. He said that they had constituted a committee with pediatricians in order to take their opinion on the health of the children. (Maxim News)

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