Hundreds of Crores to Secretariat for Showoff?

Revanth Reddy questions TRS government over secretariat issue

Hundreds of Crores to Secretariat for Showoff?

Hyderabad: Congress MP Revant Reddy, who has been criticizing the TRS government at every step, has once again raise the flag. Corona tweeted stories.

Destructive extravagance… creating corona destruction in the state would not have spent funds for the poor but, hundreds of crores to the Secretariat for Showoff? He asked.

Revanth Reddy also added a news clipping to his tweet saying that Rs 400 crore has been released for the construction of the secretariat.

However, the High Court accepted the petition filed by the Congress leaders seeking permission to inspect the demolition of the Secretariat under public interest litigation. The petition was filed by Revant Reddy, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and Anjan Kumar Yadav under the auspices of former minister and senior Congress leader Shabbir Ali. The petition is expected to be heard today or Monday. Revanth, who has been making allegations against secret funds in Secretariat G Block, asked the court to give them a chance to look into what was actually going on during the demolition of the Secretariat.

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