Mahesh Babu Salute Police

Mahesh Babu Salute Police

Hyderabad, April 9 (Maxim News): India faces a significantly higher threat from coronavirus and as the days are passing the number of COVID-19 positive cases are increasing. India’s frontline warriors are working hard and waging a battle keeping their lives at risk to fight against the coronavirus.

Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu on Thursday took a moment to appreciate the efforts of the Telangana Police for working day and night to ensure that the nationwide lockdown.

He Tweeted “I want to take this moment to wholeheartedly thank the Telangana police force for spearheading the battle against COVID-19. Their relentless hard work is absolutely outstanding. Immense gratitude for safeguarding our lives and the health of our families during these most challenging times . (Maxim News)

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