‘Police Kalajaatha’ at Gachibowli PS limits

Hyderabad, Sept. 28 (Maxim News): Cyberabad police Jagruthi conducted Kalaabrundam and she team here on Friday conducted an awareness programme at ZPHS Gachibowli PS limits.

Kalabrundam team given awareness on negative effects of social media, social evils and role of Students, She teams, legal awareness, anti-ragging, drug abuse, cyber crimes, online fraud, Eve-teasing, early marriages, adverse effects of love marriages, Domestic violence, mobile usage, Road accidents, awareness on wearing seat belt and helmets usage and Human trafficking etc.

The participants in the program are ZPHS principal Arun kumar, Jagruthi kalaabrundam Incharge RSI Gopal Reddy, she team ASI Kishan, She teams, a total 1100 students attended the programme. (Maxim News)

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