Protest over Burial Ground For Covid Victims

Chittoor: Villagers of Rangampeta in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district laid a thorny fence as a mark of protest against revenue officials for intending to set up a burial ground for COVID-19 victims in the village.

The district revenue officials were checking a 70 acres municipality land adjacent to the pump house of Kalyani Dam, near Rangampeta village. They want that government land for setting up a graveyard for the COVID-19 victims.

While protesting near the Panchayat office against the move, villagers laid a thorny fence on the way to the pump house and said that Kalyani Dam was the sole dam that supplies water to Tirupati and Police Training Centre nearby.

They added that the officials were acting adamant against their appeal. The villagers had a verbal brawl with the police.

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