Telangana Exit Polls: TRS Sweeps Majority

It is clear that TRS enjoys a comfortable majority, and can form the government without the support of its ally, the MIM. Chief Minister KCR earlier predicted that they would win 95-100 seats in this election while campaigning. In response to these results, senior leader Kadiyam Sreenu from the TRS Party said, “The people of Telangana trust in KCR’s leadership and that is proven with these results. They have been beneficiaries of all the welfare schemes planned by the TRS government and have been enjoying them. “

On the topic of Mahakutami, he said that their competitors had made a political mistake by forming the alliance, and bringing Chandrababu Naidu back for campaigning in Telangana. This added to TRS’s advantage since they were able to explain to people the adverse effects of what would happen if the Mahakutami wins more seats than TRS. “We explained to them that the benefits they have been enjoying, including their uninterrupted water supply would face a disruption if someone like Naidu comes into power. In all, the move which was planned to hurt TRS proved to be a great advantage, as people saw and believed our point of view for the future of Telangana.”

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