The word ‘biopic’ loosing iThe word ‘biopic’ loosing its value: Meghnats value: Meghna

Meghna, whose upcoming film is based on the true account of the acid-attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal, also said that we tend to use the word ‘biopic’ rather loosely. “I would like to bring it to notice that we tend to use the word ‘biopic’ very loosely.

Sometimes there is a story that you want to tell and that story can be told through a main character, with the story of his/her life around it. You may or may not follow the journey of that character chronologically from birth to death, If you do so, that is technically a biopic,” said Meghna.

I also disagree with the fact when people say that making a biopic is the easiest way to tell a story. Sometimes, telling a story that is already known is perhaps more difficult than telling an unknown story,” added the filmmaker who has made films such as Raazi and Talwar, based on real-life incidents.

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