Chandrababu Naidu US Visit; holds meeting with Indian CEO’s

San Francisco: The Chief Minister interacted with high-end technology entrepreneurs and Indian CEOs in a meeting organized by KPMG at San Francisco to mark the 3rd day of his visit to the United States of America.

The ‘who’s who’ of the Indian business tycoons and tech leaders were present in the meeting chaired by Mr. Arun Kumar who was with Obama administration for three years. He is known to be very influential in American business circles and administration corridors.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister said that he feels privileged to be amongst the brightest Indians of the Silicon Valley, which he termed was a cradle of innovation.

The Chief Minister told the gathering that he is neither a technocrat nor a scientist but he still understands how technology can impact people’s lives.

The Chief Minister emphasized that brining prosperity to Telugus living in USA was always in his mind and that he always kept thinking about it. “In my last tenure, I came here met the technocrats and persuaded them to come to Hyderabad, and the results are there for everyone to see,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that India’s inherent strengths, demographic dividends and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strong and purposeful leadership together make it a right market.

Of the Indians who are doing well all over the world, most of them happen to be Telugus, the Chief Minister said.

Andhra Pradesh, which is strategically located with abundant natural resources and a long coast line, can be a logistics hub of India, said the Chief Minister.

While sharing his vision for Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister said that the State is progressing in tune with clear goals and defined objectives, to be one among India’s top three performing States by 2022, its best State by 2029 and eventually becoming the global investment destination by 2050.

He stated that while India has a potential to grow at 10 %, Andhra Pradesh has the wherewithal to achieve 12-15% growth rate. “If we can achieve our potential growth rate, I strongly believe that poverty can be totally eradicated from Andhra Pradesh” the Chief Minister added.

“I want the best practices from all over the world to be adopted in Andhra Pradesh so that our people will benefit from the best available knowledge in the world,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister informed that the audience that he has big plans to harness solar energy, which is abundantly available in India. He added that Andhra Pradesh provides enormous opportunities in sectors such as agro processing, apparel, aqua culture and asked the CEO’s to consider investments in these sectors.

“I request you to keep your motherland in mind and bring the benefits of your knowledge to your motherland,” stressed the Chief Minister.

Sharing his ambitious plans for Amaravati, the Chief Minister said that he perceives the building of the capital as both a challenge and an opportunity. He said though he is handicapped by paucity of funds, his determination keeps him going, and added, “I gave a call and people came forward and gave 33 thousand acres of land for Amaravati. This proves the faith the people of Andhra Pradesh have in me and the goodwill our government has generated in them”.

The Chief Minister had affirmed his commitment to make Amaravati one of the five best cities in the world, which would be a completely green, blue, eco-friendly and most livable metropolis.

He entreated the leading entrepreneurs to come forward and create an ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh, as it presents a rare opportunity for one to build a system from starch. “If you miss the opportunity now, you will miss it forever,” the Chief Minister added.

In his concluding remarks, the Chief Minister urged all Telugus to stay connected with their motherland.

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