Constitution and Parliament alone safeguard Muslim interests, not States: Shabbir Ali

  • PM-CM talks and assurance on Quota, another match fixing of TRS and BJP
  • News leaks expose clarity and sincerity of TRS towards Muslim quota.
  • KCR political agenda hurting Telangana projects and people.
  • ‘KCR lacked sincerity, seriousness, and clarity on Telangana issues
  • KCR blind honeymoon with BJP, secret deal over projects

Hyderabad, April 25 (Maxim News): The leader of Opposition in the Telangana Legislative council Mohammed Ali Shabbir on Tuesday termed the alleged fallout of the Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and Prime Minister Narender Modi on the Muslim quota issue as part of a grand design of match fixing between TRS and the BJP.

Mohammed Ali Shabbir today reiterated that the ‘news leaks on the yesterday’s PM-CM meetings at Delhi had once again exposed the lack of sincerity and clarity on various issues like the ‘High court bifurcation, national status to Kaleswaram project, increase of seats in Telangana assembly etc and also the demand for parade grounds for building a new secretariat buildings .

Commenting on the ‘news leaks’ from Delhi on the purported fall out of the PM- CM 80 minute deliberations, the LOP said that it would be disastrous if the States and Assemblies are allowed to meddle with minority issues. The Parliament and Constitution alone should be rested with the safeguarding the rights and privileges of minorities .What if a BJP government in state should trample Muslim rights in future”, he cautioned .What ever it is KCR should officially make it public instead of giving out leakages , he added.

Criticizing the Telangana CM for not officially disclosing the details of his hour-long meeting with Prime Minister but resorting to ‘news leaks ‘ the LOP said KCR was in habit of denying and retracing later and blaming it on the media. ‘ The issues like Muslim quota and High court bifurcation and national project status for Kaleswaram are very important to people of Telangana and should not be dealt in such callous manner as is done by KCR now ‘, he said.

While addressing Media at Kamareddy today, the LOP was very critical of the ‘unofficial disclosures ‘ by the CMO instead of an official press release or a press conference by the CM K Chandrasekhar Rao himself, on the alleged landmark assurances made by the center. ‘ Either the assurances are hollow or the CM has returned empty handed in spite of the long wait for the PM meeting. It may be recalled that the PMO and the Prime Minister had cancelled an appointment with Telangana CM last month quoting UP elections and refused to meet a delegation of Telangana opposition parties which wanted to raise the need for categorisation of the SC’s.

Shabbir said it appeared like a ‘BJP & TRS’ drama and lacked clarity and exposed the lack of sincerity and commitment of the TRS on all issues including the Muslim quota. ‘Why keep the talks on the outcome of the meeting between Modi and KCR such a secret?. Are there any hidden agenda or deals that are not revealed to People’ he questioned.

He also cautioned that the reservation quota should be sanctified with a legislation in Parliament and opposed the demand of the Telangana chief minister that the subject should be handed over to the states .” Such an alienation of reservations subject to states would be dangerous as the successive governments, god forbid, if BJP comes to power, it would again change it. Hence I reiterate that the subject is retained within the constitutional safeguards of parliament and not states ‘.

He said both center and also rulers of Telangana should be honest with the people of Telangana and explain the delay in settling crucial issues like High court bifurcation, expansion of the Telangana Assembly, national status to Kaleswaram irrigation project , categorisation of SCs groups, release of Rs.1400 crore due under CAMPA and exempt agriculture-related and agriculture-dependent trades from Income Tax.

He said the CM KCR was more keen on parade ground land for secretariat even while more burning issues like price rise, farmers suicides, heat wave deaths, gender atrocities, spiralling crime , and stifling of opposition voice.

He said that the BJP led center is treating the Telangana state with kid-glove treatment and ignoring its genuine demands for fair play and equitable social justice .’ It is very clear from all the happenings in the past three years that the Center was heavily leaning towards AP on all issues and the TRS govt was watching the social injustices perpetrated on the people of Telangana silently in view of its below the belt secret understanding with BJP. (Maxim News)

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