Revanth Asks CM To Review His Decisions

Revanth Visits Koheda Fruit Market

Hyderabad, March 31 (Maxim News): Congress Party MP A. Revanth Reddy faulted three decisions taken by chief minister KCR to hold public review on pharma city land acquisition at Nanakramguda on April 3, cut in salaries of state government employees and invitation of tenders for water pumping in kaleswaram project- and demanded him to review the three decisions by keeping in view of the ongoing lockdown in the state. He wrote an open letter to the Chief Minister on the issue.

In his letter he told the CM that the deadly corona virus had already claimed the lives of 6 people in the state and added that there was a need to take more harsh decisions to contain the virus in the state. Referring to the decision of the state government to hold the public hearing on the land acquisition for Pharma city at Nanakramguda by the officials of the revenue department on April 3, he termed it as a senseless decision during the ongoing lockdown. He warned the state government that the virus might affect all those who gather to at the public hearing. He also told the CM that there was a sense of fear among all the people of the area. Referring to the invitation of tenders for Kaleswaram lift irrigation project, he said that the interesting companies could not take part in the tender process due to the lockdown.

He demanded the state government to immediately cancel the tenders. Commenting on the statement of the CM over the cut in the salaries of the employees, he said that the decision was not good and added that the state government should give incentives to all the employees who are working hard during the lockdown. He however welcomed the decision of the state government to cut the salaries of public representatives and all India services officers. (Maxim News)

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