Suman Slams Revanth For Lies, Demands Apology For Resorting To Blackmailing Politics

Hyderabad, March.1 (Maxim News): Condemning provocative remarks of Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy against Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao repeatedly, TRS MLA Balka Suman on Sunday demanded that the former tender unconditional apology to the Chief Minister immediately.

Addressing mediapersons in Telangana Bhavan on Sunday, Suman said Revanth Reddy has been resorting to blackmailing politics giving an indication that he had committed irregularities in the Gopanpally lands dispute. “Revanth Reddy should immediately apologize for his loose tongue and return the disputed lands to the legitimate legal heirs” he said. He also said people in the entire State know very well as to who were serving the people with dedication and commitment.

The TRS leader also said another Congress leader T Jeevan Reddy was relentlessly criticizing the KCR government as he was not able to stomach the monumental development programs and historic welfare programs for the benefit of the weaker and downtrodden sections in the State. He asserted that the entire farming community in the State was very happy and satisfied, but the Congress leaders, who were scornfully rejected by the people, were groaning without power and resorting to blackmailing politics.

Stating that the TRS created history by bagging all the nine seats in the recent cooperative societies’ elections, Suman said the people have been favoring the TRS in every election since the last year and scornfully rejecting the defamed Congress party and the ruling party turned into an ideal to the other States in the country. He also pointed out that unlike in the past, Chief Minister KCR created history by nominating Dalits for DCCB and DCMS posts. The credit for bagging 95 per cent of PACS posts goes to KCR only. While there was widespread violence during polling in every election in the State, all the elections under KCR rule passed off peacefully, he added. (Maxim News)

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