11th Edition Of Mansoon Regatta National Championship Begins

Local Sailor Preethi Kongara Records All Round Performance At The 11th Edition Of Monsoon Regatta

Hyderabad, July 23 (Maxim News): The 11th edition of six-day Monsoon Regatta, which began at the Yacht Club of Hyderabad today. A record number of 131 young sailors are battling it out to be the National Champion at the event. It will conclude on July 28 with prize distribution.

The cream of the country’s under-16 sailors are at The Yacht Club of Hyderabad practicing at the Hussain Sagar for over a week now. Local girls Preethi Kongara, ranked No. 3, Lakshmi Nookarathnam, India No. 4 are in the race. Top seeds at the Monsoon Regatta Uma Chauhan and Rithika Dangi seeded No 1 and 2 amongst girls are here from National Sailing School, Bhopal to try and clinch podium positions and retain their ranking

Amongst the Boys, Monsoon Regatta Defending Champion Chunnu Kumar from the Army Boys Sports School, Bangalore, along with his compatriot Vijay Kumar ranked No.1 and 2 amongst Boys in India are in grueling practice sessions at Mysore. Vijay Kumar won the last Nationals at Chennai and started his career at The Yacht Club of Hyderabad before joining the Army Sailing School. From the Navy Boys Sports School, Sachin Bethmalla is with his team most of which started their careers at Hyderabad under the tutelage of Suheim Sheikh and now with the Navy. (Maxim News)

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