Amit Asserts Modi Will Remain PM Again

Hyderabad, Oct.28 (NSS): BJP president Amit Shah today called upon party workers to strive relentlessly for the victory of BJP in 2019 elections.

Addressing the Maha Adhiveshan of BJYM here, Shah expressed confidence that Narendra Modi would definitely remain Prime Minister of the country for second time in 2019 and asked workers to take a vow to make Modi Prime Minister again.

In a scathing attack on Congress party, Shah said it was a leaderless party as Congress party leaders themselves say that Rahul Gandhi was not a Prime Ministerial candidate.   Continuing his tirade against Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah said Rahul Gandhi has no right to question the BJP. He was asking what Narendra Modi has done during the last four years. Ridiculing Rahul Gandhi’s demand, BJP president said the BJP has done more work in just four years than the seven-decade dynastic rule of Congress party.

“We have achieved Independence for country after supreme sacrifices”, he said and reminded the BJYM and party workers that now was the time to work hard to strengthen leadership of Modi. He asked party workers to strive for victory of the BJP from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Questioning the Congress what it had done for poor people in the country during its regime, Shah said the Modi government introduced welfare schemes for poor, farmers, women, youth, SCs and STs, the BJP chief said.

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