Asara Pensioners: 1.42 lakh single women seek pensions

Hyderabad: The State Government is planning to release Rs 413 crore soon towards payment of pensions to the beneficiaries across the state as total number of Asara pensioners reach to about 38 lakhs from the existing 35,93,652 pensioners. The funds will be disbursed for 36,37,949 persons towards pensions.

The state government has so far received 1.42 lakh applications seeking single woman pensions and the government is making efforts to offer the benefit to all the eligible.

In addition to this another 15,528 people will also get the pensions. From June 2 onwards the government will offer single pension to 1.42 lakh persons and also 15,528 persons seeking pension afresh.

While the government is extending pension to 35,93,652 so far about 44,297 persons are likely to get pensions afresh this month. This includes 16,839 old age, 18,565 widows, 5,640 physically challenged. Telangana State is on the top of the list at national level giving a huge number of pensions.

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