Eco-Friendly Ganpati Made From Cow Dung

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Made From Cow Dung

Hyderabad: BJP Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh here on Tuesday unveiled the eco-friendly Ganapati created by the dung in his office. Further in the press release, Raja Singh said that the cow dung is a beneficial beneficiary. We have often told the benefit to the government, Raja Singh said that if the Ganpati is made from cow dung the benefit will be to the environment as well as Vinayak Sagar is getting polluted every year from Chemical.

Also, the big advantage of this is that you will definitely get this Ganpati from the cow’s dung. It is a great invention and the boon for the environment is also plaster but no government thinks that the test was done on the dung by Panchagavya Research Center Beeramguda Shri Brahma Ramha Mallikarjuna Swami Gaushala. Next, Dr. Sudarshan Singh Lodh said that we had to make something like this. If the environment is not damaged and employment will also be available, then it is a golden chance if.

The government wants to do something to help us to make Ganapati from the cow dung; We have created such things from cow dung in Panchgavya testing center, which will benefit the public. Our Puranas have said that “Gomay vasthe Lakshmi“; That which we have proved this year, we have made Ganapati ten thousand idols in view of the Ganesh festival, our goal is to make complete eco friendly Ganesh in which MLA Raja Singh ji has given the confidence to provide every possible help. In this program, Dr. Kulkesh Kumar Kawle, Gavyasidh Sandeep, Vishal Sharma.

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