Police Stations In AP Have Become TDP Offices: Kanna

Andhra Pradesh BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana alleged that the police stations in the state have been turned into Telugu Desam Party offices. People were not in a position to approach the police stations for redressal of their problems, he observed. He said that the ruling TDP was using the police to attack people who were critical of the government and added that attacks on BJP national president Amit Shah at Tirupati, attack on him in Anantapur and on Somu Veerraju at his house were clear examples of TDP using police establishment for their own benefit.

Kanna said as if the attacks were not enough, the TDP was trying to frame fake cases against them. He accused the government of tapping the phones of BJP leaders in the state. He was in New Delhi to complain against TDP’s atrocities to the Union Home Minister, he remarked.

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