TRS government is tapping Congress leaders’ phones: DK Aruna

Mahabubnagar, July 8 (Maxim News): Congress senior leader and Gadwala MLA DK Aruna has alleged that the TRS government was tapping the Congress leaders phones.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, Aruna slammed IT Minister KT Ramarao saying that the latter was speaking as he wished. She asked “whether KTR has no shame to say that I was offered ‘Harathi’ to Handriniva project? KTR has to know the fact that his father K Chandrasekhar Rao and brother-in-law T Harish Rao were part of the then government. KTR might be thinking that he would become a good leader if scolds other parties’ leaders with more intensity than his father”.

She warned KTR to control his tongue and said asked KTR to get ready to go to America as the latter has to take political sanyas after 2019 elections. The TRS leaders were enacting new dramas now after deceiving the people for the last four years. She said that the TRS government was diverting all the funds without allocating any funds to Palamuru-Rangareddy project. “By mistake TRS party came into power in Telangana”, she opined. (Maxim News)

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