Unethical Medical Practices-Governor Endorses NSS Report: But will he Act?

Hyderabad, Jan.19 (Maxim News): The Governor of the two Telugu States, ESL Narasimhan deserves all praise for highlighting, in a frank and bold manner, the unethical medical practices being adopted by some of the corporate hospitals and doctors, and giving a call for ending the unfortunate situation of patients being subjected to loot in the name of treatment.

Speaking as the chief guest at a medical conference here on Thursday, the Governor said some of the doctors were prescribing tests costing huge amounts, though they were not necessary, to get money and this was not proper. He further observed that some of the doctors were fleecing the patients by admitting them in ICU even after knowing that there was no chance of their surviving and such practices should come to an end. He called upon each and every Doctor to work in the direction of reducing the costs of treatment to the extent possible and also desist from prescribing costly tests even for small ailments. He regretted that the distance between the doctor and patient has increased in the recent past and doctors were not having patience and time even to properly listen to the problems faced by the patients.

It may be recalled in this context that on January 11, this News Agency has highlighted in great detail the totally unethical practices being adopted by some of the doctors and corporate hospitals and also the lack of protection for the patients from being fleeced by the medical professions. In our report, we have said: “While there can be no objection for providing adequate protection to doctors and hospitals (from attacks by aggrieved persons), the other side of the coin cannot be totally ignored, and there is need for safeguarding the patients from unwanted fleecing. The Medical bodies and the Government would do well to bestow their attention on these aspects also”.

In a way, the Governor has endorsed the contents of our report, by pointing out the deficiencies and the unethical practices being adopted by the doctors and hospitals. Now that a highly placed constitutional authority has castigated the unscrupulous doctors and hospitals, it is for the Governments at the Centre and in the States to take note of the unfortunate situation wherein the poor patients are subjected to loot and hardships, and initiate measure to end the rot, and safeguard the interests of the poorer sections of the society. The medical bodies, such as the Medical Council of India and the like also have a responsibility to change the present situation, and to restore the confidence of the people in hospitals and doctors. On his part, the Governor would do well to take up the issue with the Union Government and the authorities concerned, to rectify the situation. (Maxim News)

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