Enjoy Making Commercial Cinema : Saif

Saif Ali Khan says not all commercial films are fluff and sometimes an actor gets an opportunity to explore oneself as an artiste. The actor said his upcoming film Baazaar, set in the world of stock markets and trading, is one such project. The 47-year-old actor plays the antagonist in the film, a street-smart Gujarati businessman.

“Commercial cinema can sometimes give you an opportunity to do good acting because it is strong and more dramatic. I enjoy the experience of making commercial cinema more believable and play it like it is more real,” says Saif.

The actor said the intention of the team of Baazaar was to create a human drama against the backdrop of the stock market. “My character is like a nasty antagonist. It is exciting to play strong and powerful roles. I don’t distinguish between roles. The idea is even if you play bad, if it is well-written, people don’t think they [actors] are being evil or nasty.

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