Jagga Reddy Blames Harish Rao for Water Woes in his Constituency

Hyderabad, May 16 (Maxim News): Congress Party MLA T. Jagga Reddy today alleged that the water woes in his constituency began from the yearb2017 due to state minister Harish Rao. He said that the residents of his assembly constituency and district were eating for the water for the last three years. He alleged that the Harish Rao had made deprived the district from Manjeera -singur ESL water by diverting it. He also alleged that the officials of the district were working for Harish Rao and not for the people of the district.

Speaking to media persons he alleged that the district was facing problems as the Narayankhed, Patancheru and Zaheerabad MLAs were from the ruling TRS party. He said that the Singur dam would receive water from maharastra – Karnataka state and the water so received would be enough for one year. He alleged that Harish Rao would not meet anybody except district collector and police whenever he visit to Sangareddy. He made it clear that he was questioning the government as he belonged to opposition Congress party. He alleged that Harish Rao was not a state minister but a their of water. He asked the minister as to what happened to his what happened to Singur-Manjeera dam action plan? He alleged that Harish Rao had diverted water to his assembly constituency Siddipeta and was playing with the lives of the people of constituency. Referring to the comments made by CM KCR and Irrigation minister Harish Rao, He said that he would expose the real facts behind their comments during the next two days.

Jagga Reddy said that he would reveal the details before the felicitation and after the felicitation of Harish Rao he said that he would reveal the details about the passport case issue of CM KCR in the second episode. Reddy made it clear that he was not scared of anybody while noting that all kinds of cases were filed against him by his rivals. (Maxim News)

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