Son Refused Mother into House Fearing Covid-19

Karimnagar: A 70-year-old woman, who returned from Mumbai, was denied entry into her house by her family members. The only reason for her denial is that she came from Maharashtra, wherein the spread of coronavirus is rampant.

The helpless woman sat in front of her house seeking for help. This bizarre incident took place in Kisannagar of Karimnagar town on Friday.

Katta Shyamala, who was residing along with family members of her three sons in Kisannagar, went to Sholapur to visit her relative’s house and got stuck there after lockdown was announced. The woman, who returned to her house in Karimnagar, was shocked as her family members refused to allow her into the house on the doubt that she might have infected by Covid-19.

Though the woman explained that she tested negative for corona when the doctors carried out tests before letting her out from Sholapur, the family members did not believe her explanation. Unable to convince her family members, she sat in front of her house. Neighbours informed the matter to local corporator Edla Saritha, who took the woman to her residence.

After coming to know about the incident, police rushed the spot and warned to register a case against sons. With the police warning, the elder son of Katta Shyamala took her to the house.

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