Srihari Nails Reports Of His Joining BJP

Covid-19: Former Dy CM Kadiyam Srihari Tests Positive

Hyderabad, July 1(Maxim News): Senior TRS leader Kadiam Srihari made it clear he would not join BJP under any circumstances and will stick to the TRS as there was no truth in false campaigning by a section of the media.

“Those who carried wrong information of my joining other party should tender apology or I will sue them”, he warned and said he would file defamation cases in court of law if some media houses failed to tender apology for spreading false news that I will be joining the BJP soon. There was no iota of truth in the reports appeared in Deccan Chronicle, HMTV and Maha News that I may switch loyalties to the BJP”, he warned.

Srihari released an open letter stating that some vested interests were carrying on wrong campaigning against him. “Being a Dalit, I follow Ambedkar ideology and grown up as a leader with left orientation. Having been in active politics for over four decades, I enjoyed all big posts from MLA to deputy chief minister”, he said. He also said he faced all situations, including good, bad, ups and downs during his political career. “At this juncture, I will not leave the ruling party to join the saffron party, which is against my ideology”, he said.

Srihari said conspiracies were being hatched to defame a growing Dalit leader like him. “I will be with the TRS and KCR and work for his welfare and development programs”, he reiterated. “I will never get such a bad idea to join the BJP, which is anti-Dalit, anti-Muslim and anti-Christians. The entire nation was looking at KCR’s unique welfare programs and there was no need for me to jump to other parties”, he asserted. (Maxim News)

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