YS Sharmila Lashes Out At CM KCR

Hyderabad, Jan.13 (Maxim News): YSRTP founder president YS Sharmila today lashed out at Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

Taking to her social media account , she asked the CM as to what happened to his promise of free fertilisers distribution to the farmers. She said that there was no move on the part of the CM to procure paddy.

She alleged that the CM was holding celebrations at a time when the farmers of the state were committing suicides by stating that they are not getting the return on their investment.

YS Sharmila Lashes Out At CM KCR
YS Sharmila Lashes Out At CM KCR

She said that it was unfortunate that the CM was now talking about the increase in the rates of the fertilisers while expressing her happiness over the comments of the CM.

She however doubted if the CM would mount pressure on the central government over the issue and added that the CM had signed an agreement with the center stating that they would not procure the paddy from the farmers.
Terming the statement of CM as a hogwash, She said that the CM did not have any love on the farmers. (Maxim News)

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