Hyderabad police conducts cordon Search to nab down criminals in Barkas

Hyderabad, Feb 27 (Maxim News): Sixty one two wheelers, two auto rickshaws were seized and 34 suspects rounded up in a cordon and search operation conducted in the Barkas area of Old City by police early on Monday.
Around 400 policemen formed into several teams and assisted by Geo technology zeroed in on the houses of the ‘criminals’ and detained them to know their activities. The police teams then searched their houses to ensure they do not have any weapons or narcotics. Ninety bottles of liquor were also seized from house.
The police also checked a few houses where migrants were staying and found seized vehicles as the ‘owners’ could not produce registration documents. Three horses were also seized by the police as the owner had handed it over the animals to minor who claimed to be good riders.
Before conducting the operation, the police prepared a big map of the area and marked all the entry and exit points. The houses of those involved in land grabbing, property offences and other criminal activities were specifically marked on a map.
“The map is also available on tabs provided to all the BC teams and patrol cars. They can just flip the gadget and get the information,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) V Satyanarayana. (Maxim News)

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